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Dubirkeys are a mix of Ducks+Birds+Turkeys.
they live in extremely tall trees, mainly in rainforests, but have been known to trek as far as bushland in Australia.
they eat mainly shiny toasters or caterpillars.
At midnight they hunt for shiny toasters so don't let your shiny toasters out before 1 am.

Dubirkeys are extremely cruel to small dogs that don't have collars. Dubirkeys have also attacked fully grown donkapillers.

the history of the dubirkeysis that they have been at war with donkapillers for 8000 years. they are the most sneakiest creatures ever created.
they don't know ONE VERY IMPORTANT FACT.
Shiny toasters (fused with capes) can destroy donkapillers. Unfortunataly, they eat shiny toasters, causing them to be estinct.
STay away FrOm ThEm As TheY ArE DaNgErOuS.

by katerinos friend June 20, 2004
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