A drill sgt i had when i went to basic trainning he was a bad ass he was an airborne ranger and didnt take shit from no one LOL if i would have known this before boot camp i would have never stopped laughing whne he scram at us.
drill sgt du bois ( ROFL LOL HA HA HA) said we have to go clean the toilets ( du bois ROFL )
by person June 23, 2003
Top Definition
Formal variant of the word, 'doobie'.
JoeCool: "Hell dude, fire up that DuBois every chance ya get."
GB: "Pf-f-t, pf-f-t... 'ere!"
by Gardner B. December 25, 2005
Frech origin: It's a last name.

1. It means wood.

2. It means a man of the woods.

3. Refers to a wood worker. You can say a carpenter as such.
Hi Mr. DuBois hows it going!

DuBois, is here lets party.
by Some smart guy February 04, 2010
The act of milking a male prostate with ones tongue.
Jim's du bois technique brought chills down Larry's spine.
by Jim Smith June 06, 2003
A huge, black cock grown on a cocktree farm in Texas. Originated form a man lady with a huge niggercock. String instrument players of the larger ilk are known purveyors.

Proof of a Dubois can been seen my the frequent use of the phrase "I'll buy it", and a large 80s-esque mullet.

They are in some cases attachable, for the manwoman on the go.
"Dude, he's (she's) got one hell of a Dubois!"

-"Why does my burt hurt today?"
-"Did you spend last night with a Dubois?"
-"I'll buy it."
by CLOWN IT! July 03, 2010
did i mention she was indian?
yes nat, 3 times
by duboi lover October 22, 2003
an indian girl who manages to seduce a nazi in the bushes
lucky girl
wears lots of hair clips and a trenchcoat
by i love you doobi October 28, 2003
one who disapears to the french part of india where frogslegs curry is consumed
duboi was shipped back to india never to be seen again
by rich uncon October 28, 2003
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