The most basic way to describe Dry Bones is a Zombie Koopa.
A better description is a skelaton Koopa that is extremly hard to kill and comes back to life if not killed in a certain way. There usually found in bowsers castle or underground
Mario jumps on a dry bones and walks away, before he makes it to the end of the screen the bones start to shake and BAM instant dry bones
by Brook Park Runner October 22, 2008
Top Definition
To engage in Sexual Intercourse without the Aid of a lubricant (KY and the such)
I'd Rather DryBone her Browneye
by psychonaut March 24, 2003
It is pretty much the skeletal remains of a turtle which debuted in super mario bros.3 which is reanimated and pretty much portrayed as a zombie. In the 90s, The apearances of Dry Bones was relatively low, and many people felt it was the end of the baddies era. However,in recent years and games, Dry Bones has been welcomed back into Mario games and not neccesarily as an enemy. He is a playable character in the newest Mario Party game (8). In fact, Dry bones is arguably the most popular character to play as in Mario Kart DS. DRY BONES IS THE SHIT!
You'll see,you fuckers.Dry Bones is going to be the new Coca-cola in town. billboards and advertisements everywhere portraying him.
by uhhh.... February 03, 2007
To Fuck without lubricants
She wanted me to use the KY, but i'd rather "Dry Bone" her browneye.
by Vegas March 23, 2003
Originally a skeletal minion in the Mario games that would continue to come back to life. But could also describe a female (preferably ugly and skeletal in appearance) with whom you have had an intended short relationship and she will continue to show up awkwardly everywhere.
Yo, that chick that I hooked up with. Shes freakin dry bones, she keeps popping up everywhere.
by Joseph Oliva February 07, 2008
The act of penetrating a vagina or anus without prior foreplay (human skin-on-skin contact) or lubrication.
Ok, so I'd had a beer or two. On my way home, kebab in hand, I called in on an 'old friend'. Having spent my energies devouring the stale kebab, I revealed my boner and penetrated the walls of her superdry cobwebbed vagina. It was the first skin on skin contact we had made. We didn't even pass one word of conversation. I went home.

eg: Simon and Sharon both agreed there was more moisture in the single tear rolling down her cheek than there had been throughout the 30 minute dry bone session.

Remember kids, a tub of vasoline is easily available from the local drugstore. this simple precaution vastly reduces your chances of encountering the dry bone

Lucy: "Boots are doing a speical offer on vasoline, its 2-for-1!"
Cecile: "Thanks all the same, but I'm a dry bone kinda gal!"
by Randy Savage's Bitch October 24, 2005
Getting a dry socket from oral sex.
No oral sex after wisdom teeth surgery, you dont wanna dry bone like your mom!
by GilaMonsteron December 30, 2007
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