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Defined by context as drunk and any degree of retardeness.
Posiive: Dude we are such drunktards!

Negative: Bitch ass you a drunktard!
by Jacob May 07, 2005
Someone who is in such a drunken state that the stupid stuff they do begins to go beyond simple drunk annoyance.
Bob is being such a drunktard! He has had way too much to drink!He's started three different fights tonight. One of them was with a mailbox! I wish someone would drive his drunk-tarded ass home.
by J. Keenan December 04, 2008
A person that acts retarded when drunk.
That drunk guy is pissing on the cop car! What a drunktard!
by Kilopoo July 01, 2009
A drunken college student who won't stop (sometimes simultaneously at various times of day and night) fornicating/having sex on your front lawn, pissing against your house, or breaking into your shed to vomit and then steal your sitting lawn mower.
I wish those drunktards would stop getting their cum all over my lawn.

I am so happy UPD arrested all those drunktards yesterday.

I caught this drunktard in a giant net. I am going to keep it as a pet and feed it nachos
by Star Destroyer 2.0 October 05, 2010
1. Any person that thinks getting drunk to have fun is perfectly normal and then that keeps bloating to everybody around him how cool it was being drunk knowing that no one gives a damn about what he does to ruin is life.

2. Can also simply replace the word "retard" in any instances that word could be used.
Just imagine a situation where you would say "retard", but then put "drunktard" in its place.
by Rosario Marquez April 27, 2007
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