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A drunk dial is a communication via telephone (usually through talking but also applies to text messanging) that is somehow embarrassing or absurd. One drunk-dials to emote, excoriate, declare, confide, or proposition, often at a grossly inappropriate hour. The best drunk dials are those whose purpose is to either insult or get back together with an ex.
Noun: "I got his drunk-dial."
Verb: "John made an ass out of himself when he drunk dialed Lauren."
by jonlindg February 28, 2005
The lame assumption that when you drink heavily, it would be an incredibly good idea to start calling people on your cell, because you're in such a stupor that you can't fathom them having anything better to do at 4 am than talk to your stupid, emotional ass.
Jane: I've had three Long Islands in an hour. I should probably call John. I haven't talked to him in so long! (dials John's number)
John: You dumb cunt. Leave me the fuck alone.
by van tine May 10, 2005
To make a regrettable late night phone call after drinking heavily. These calls are often made by guys to ex-girlfriends or someone they want to date. The result is often embarassment and self-loathing for being a)overly emotional, b)incoherent, or c)creepy
Yo, go take Ace's phone away from him before he starts drunk dialing again.
by Paco March 05, 2005
the calls made usually at an ubsurd hour of the night/morning after drinking heavily that the caller regrets the next day when they discover that the person they called was their ex and they admitted to still having feelings for or something equally embarrasing
a conversation resulting from a drunk dial may go something like this:

"omg i love you so much why did we break up i need you"
by drunk dialer January 01, 2006
the best way to tell the chick you are infatuated with that you want to sleep with her in the near future. it is often helped if the number of beers your mates have drunk is also quite high and they are very perswasive

billy: im not sure if i should tell jane how i feel about her
bob: go for it dude, what can go wrong?
billy: ive had 6 beers in the last hour i dunno
bob: nah man, you gotta tell her sometime, i will help you out
billy: yeah alright, wheres my phone, time to drunk dial jane
by super billy bob October 24, 2006
A phone call made in poor judgement
Drunk dialing:
<vcv> i called eden and her bf picked up
<vcv> and i said "who the fuck is this?"
<vcv> oops
by MrWee December 04, 2005
A phone call made under the influence of alcohol with the object over getting relations.
You are at a bar one night, and remember a hot person that you have met before, you dial with the intention of interaction sexually. This would be a drunk dial.
by hollis May 24, 2004
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