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When you are completely oblivious to anything occurring while you are walking, running, or just plain moving as you create mayhem for other people without realizing it because you think the whole world revolves around you and you don't have to be careful for anything.
Stephanie the typical teenage girl was drunk on life when she walked over an old lady and walked into oncoming traffic as she was texting creating a huge accident.
by speedytennis10 July 08, 2010
When you're too dumb to know that the actual phrase is 'high on life'. High on life typically means you enjoy life to the fullest and don't worry about anything.
Sheen: Oh, my god I'm so drunk on life right now.

Carl: Don't you mean high on life
Sheen: What?
Carl: Idiot.
by newtonfan11 February 17, 2014
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