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The craving to consume mass quantities of absorbents after a session of moderate to heavy drinking. The effects are twofold: slowing down the rate of alcohol being introduced into the bloodstream, and depleting the amount of easily/already prepared food in one's kitchen. Foods high in fat, carbs, and/or salt are high on the craving list, as well as foods that feel pleasant in the mouth (e.g. french fries).

The polite boozer will purchase sufficient absorbents beforehand before drinking at someone else's house.
"Is there any more of that Chinese food? All this beer has given me the drunk munchies."

note: translated from Drunkenese to grammatically correct English for ease of reading.
by AnonymousBoozer March 19, 2008
Somthing that my fat ass friends made up so they can eat all my food. Do not get tricked by somone who claims they have the drunk munchies, because they are not real.
Them: Dude this beer really gave me the drunk munchies.
Me: No it didnt, your just a fat ass.
by ChrisJK August 01, 2006
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