Drifting in a car or a truck while drunk. Usually ends in disaster.
Phillip totalled his truck when he went Drunk Drifting.
by BGtheFiend November 17, 2014
A drinking game:

three different proofs of alcohol
Forza 3
you and three friends.

Each person takes a hot lap on Forza 3 with drift points turned on. Each person remembers their drifting score. The second place person takes a shot of the lowest proof alcohol, third place, second highest proof, last place shoots the highest proof.

There are no rewinds, and preferably no driving assists. only cosmetic damage, usually.

Upon winning, the first place finisher gets to pick the next car and track.
Ken: Hey Brett, what are you doing tonight?

Brett: I think we are going to go drunk drifting tonight.

Ken: Badass! I'm in!
by bafast May 13, 2011
The act of being too drunk when playing any fps multiplayer game, and killing or causing dammage to your teammates at the beggining of the round. Specifically counterstrike, but could occur in any game. But usually caused by the drunken heavy fingers , known as drunk drifting.
Sorry dude, I was drunk drifting!
by kiIIswitch January 20, 2012

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