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A drinking game played with dice, a wall, and your friends(and hazards, like shot glasses, sink and they drink). The highest two rollers don't drink, the rest do. Doubles mean everyone besides the roller drinks twice and gets to roll again. If 2 doubles in a row- 4 drinks and so on. Players are referred to as asshole(s) and watchers are called bitch(es). Failing to do so results in drinking.
Add rules every round

That Drunk Dice game got me fucked up last night.
#drinking games #dice #drinking #columbia #mo #games #drunk dice
by SirWilliam0101 December 02, 2008
very similiar to a drunk say but in spanish! (dice means say en espanol) almost if not more hilarious than a drunk say.
guy: te quiero
girl: you wish
guy b: what a drunk dice
#drunk say #drunk #hammered #wasted #tsunami
by Grant the lurker June 23, 2007
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