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This is a move you can play out while you are having sex. First, you have to be having sex with your partner doggy-style. At a random instant, quickly remove your penis from her vagina and thrust it, without warning or permission, into her anus. This should trigger a massive yet beautiful "war cry" from your partner. DO NOT WASTE TIME---your window of opportunity is small. THE FOLLOWING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS MANUEVER. Quickly remove your penis from her anus and start fanning your hand over your mouth while you make "Indian Chants" and run around to the front of her while doing so. Quickly fill her mouth up with your penis, which should in effect, silence the cry, or "Drown the Indian War Cry". That is all. Very rewarding.
"What did I do last night? Oh, I was drowning the Indian War Cry with Lisa. It was perfect."
by Nicholas E. October 18, 2007
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