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A phrase uttered by adult film start Nick Manning, typically while he ejaculates on a female's face, body, or in her mouth. The phrase gained popularity with Manning's appearances on on the Howard Stern show, where Manning would exclaim things like "Dropping loads on Eric the Midgets wheelchair" and "Dropping Loads on Artie's cupcakes",

The phrase is culturally adapted as slang for a male's orgasm, but in no way should be used among males beyond the topic of sex with random, loose, promiscuous females. The phrase should not be used among males in celebrations. Phrases such as "Salut" and "Cheers" are far more appropriate.
See those guys yelling "Droppin Fucking Loads" before they do their homos.

I dropped a load in that chick I brought back from the bar, when I came I yelled "Dropping Fuckin Loads!!!" and she cried like a baby.
by Signore Bianco July 10, 2011
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