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The act of repeatedly and vigorously slamming ones elbow or forearm on an others face or body to show great disapproval or anger. Commonly while fighting.
#dropping bows #dropping elbows #droppin hammers #throwin bows #dropping hammers
by N-D-thekid June 12, 2010
The act of slamming one's elbow on a table, chair arm, etc. to indicate disapproval of someone's actions or comments. Originally performed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire by the PHS hockey team.

Note: It is customary to shape the index finger and thumb of the hand like an "L" or a gun while dropping said bows.
John: Dude, I voted for Bush.
Jake: WTF DUDE?!
(Onlookers droppin' bows)
#elbow #bow #drop #retard #sexy parties
by P. Ian Uranus June 20, 2006
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