Go to your local Taco Bell, order a number 5 in the drive-thru, drop a deuce in the bag, pull back around and tell them they got the order wrong, you wanted a number 5, not a number 2. Drop (Poop) n' (and) Swap (Get sum fewd).
Jim : "Dude, you tryin to Drop n' Swap the new TB over on Independence BLVD?"

Steve: "Eh I don't know man, I don't really have to poop."

Larry: "Don't worry guys, I'm good to go."

Steve & Jim: "Drop n' Swap Initiated."
by @MattyJ100 Twitter! August 02, 2011
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Top Definition
A term used to describe a secret activity. If one is not privvy to the definition of Drop 'n' Swap, one is not invited to the activity.
Guy 1: Hey, man. We're doing some good ol' drop 'n' swap tonight, you in?
Guy 2: What the hell does drop 'n' swap mean?!
Guy 1: Oh, sorry man, I thought you knew. I can't tell you.
by Drop 'n' Swappers of America March 18, 2009

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