(Verb) To get extremly mad. To not get confused with Lil' Waynes awesome song, drop the world, in which the only reason it is good is because eminem is also in the song.
Dude, he tottaly just dropped the world on us.

Lil' Wayne's gonna drop the world on us once he see's what i wrote about his song!
#lil' wayne #angry #eminem #rap #verbs
by White.rage May 29, 2010
Top Definition
Term coined by the Florida Gulf Coast University powerlifting team. Term refers to days when a member of the FGCU powerlifting team is lifting particularly heavy weights; specifically the deadlift due to the incredibly loud slamming noise the lift causes when the weight is dropped on the floor. The term was later discovered by Lil Wayne and Eminem and they decided that awesome song in our memory.
Noun - "Yo, what you doin tomorrow goon?"

"Gym today bruh, gotta Drop the World"

Verb - "Was that an earthquake?"

"Nah dogg, powerlifters be droppin the world"
#lift #powerlifting #drop #world #booty #deadlift #heavy #weights
by WeBeThuggin June 16, 2010
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