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An unregistered firearm carried by policemen to "drop" at the scene where a pursued suspect has been shot; used to justify shooting/killing a possibly unarmed suspect.
Witnesses found a pistol lying on the ground near the fleeing criminal's body, but nobody except the pursuing policeman knew it was a only drop gun, not the criminal's weapon.
by Art Johnson January 21, 2008
a gun dropped by the cops at a shooting to cover up the killing of an unarmed suspect.
LeRoy: "You hear about Tyrone getting shot by the po-po."
Tinquin: "Fuck yeah, motha fucka"
LeRoy: "He wasn't packing."
LaTitia: "Yeah them mother fuckin cops just drop guns and point the finger at our boy."
Tinquin: "Bitch, shut the fuck up."
LeRoy: "Yeah, bitch stop lying."
LaTitia: "Wanna fuck?"
LeRoy and Tinquin: "Yeah, now I am gonna drop pants."
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
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