A droner is a drunk and a stoner comined. If you are a stoner and a drunk, you are better off known as a droner.
You are such a droner!
by Hmbldt June 22, 2010
Top Definition
An erect penis (aka. boner), aroused through enjoyment of drone music.
"Listening to Sunn O))) left Mike with an irrepressible droner."
by Kevin Sorbo July 20, 2009
Getting a hard-on/getting off to your drone feed by spying on others with your personal predator.
I got a full on droner after spying on the neighbor at the pool.

My voyeurism through my predator has been giving me many droner's recently, it's starting to ruin my life.
by Lab Effort February 19, 2015
A person who mixes the greatest 2 feelings of being drunk and stoned. Being drunk and stoned together makes you droned.
A droner ventures down this path often and is a man amoung men.
Get the beers, i got the weed, lets do what droners do.

I am a droner
by kingape1 March 20, 2007
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