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A rap group formed Tucson,Arizona around 2006. They have have begun to quickly rise to local stardom through their intricate lyrics depicting death and marijuana. Also known for being the only local rap group who's fan mosh at their show. Dro Kin also runs their own record label called "2 Skitzo Soundz".

Sources: Info gathered from the web and 2SkitzoSoundz.com/drokin.htm also from being at one of their shows
Dro Kin,marijuana,underground rap,2 Skitzo Soundz
by MoshPit420 March 29, 2009
Drankin' and Smokin'
Bitch leave me alone...im Drokin' right now.
by YungLee April 23, 2009
combination of the words "drinking" and "smoking", typically used by high school and/or college kids. Can also mean "cool" or "awesome", depending on the context.
"Me and Johnny are going to go drokin on sunday, hope my parents don't find out!" or "That's totally drokin!"
by bmth1122 February 18, 2010