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In meterological terms, the type of precipitation that is before an actual drizzle where it is still misty and annoying but not enough to justify being equiped with an umbrella.
Paul and I were walking in the park during drizzle dick so we didnt stop back in our office for an umbrella.
by Humby July 10, 2008
1. When you take a piss and dont shake enough and the rest of the pee drips out.
I was pissing in the lav and i got drizzle dick from not shaking enough.
by natebowden May 13, 2008
An unenthusiastic ejaculation, when the ejac comes out like a leaky faucet or a runny nose.
"The twentieth time I wacked my weenole it didn't squirt across the foyer.....I just had that drizzle-dick."
by Jethro X December 11, 2005
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