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"Driving Smack" is similar to "Talking Smack". It is a way for weaker or more timid individuals to "Talk Smack" without having to leave the safety of their vehicle.

"Driving Smack" is carried out in a number of ways, and is always being improved upon by those who are particularly non-confrontational.

Usually it is accomplished when the weak individual is driving a large and/or very loud vehicle (see Yucaipa) and, upon passing by the person whom he dislikes, hits the accelerator which causes the vehicle to lurch forward abnormally and produce a loud "BRAAAAP" thereby striking fear into the intended victims heart and soul. Extra points can be had if the tires lose traction and make "screeching" sounds.

This can be done daily with very little measurable loss in effectiveness.

*Motorcycles can be used also, however this would then be referred to as "Riding Smack", and is usually associated more with "attention whoring" than actual attempts to intimidate. Perhaps in lieu of masculinity the rider will wear flashy outfits and novel helmet modifications.
A: Look at this dork in the 4x4

B: .....BRAAAAAP!!....brap..

A: Gee maybe we should get the heck out of this city before he comes back and hurts us. BAHAHAAA! Another punk driving smack.
by 0per November 09, 2011

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