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NOUN: A derogatory name used to describe the drunkest and most embarrassing member of your group of friends. Drinko is short for "Drinko the alcoholic clown".

Note: This term was born on the Jersey shore. Every summer shore house has their own Drinko.
"Dude, it's the first day of vacation; we've already seen you naked, you chatted up all our girls, you jumped off the second floor deck, and you pissed on a parked cop car. You are definitely this year's Drinko."
by bernard l. October 26, 2007
A community of generous party people loving to share their party plans with their friends via the web app of the same name. Drinkos love to party, having a drink and a good time with their friends. Drinkos can be considered as happy social people.
Gotta check my drinkos to see what´s cooking tonight !
by laglue February 04, 2010
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