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The definition of a beautiful girl. Pretty ruthless some may say. Loaded with swag. Constantly smilling and laughing. An honest true friend and definetly girlfriend material.
Everybody loves Drey.
Dang! I wish I was a Drey!
by 841995 November 23, 2010
a pencil sized aluminum foil bowl used to smoke crack rocks!!!!
"hey chauncey lets go smoke a drey...."
"hell yeah"

"hey man.... you got a drey ive been itching for a hit..."
by jizzybell nigga January 29, 2012
An alternate spelling of "dry", also dray
Don't touch the railing, the paint's not drey yet.
by DKLONE June 28, 2007
Hes a people-pleaser! He can also be a confused, mixed up kidd at times. He's sweet-talker and serenades girls with his piano skills. But then he rips those girls' hearts out and throws them off 32-story buildings. He enjoys hugs and being caressed.
Rache: So how ya feeling Drey?
Drey: Extremely Gorginhyle!
Rache: Play my favorite song for me?
Drey: Sure! Right after i throw your heart off a 32-story building.
by raychiiiLL - who else? January 30, 2005
A Drey or Dreylord is a dull boring individual like a drone but much duller, would fall into a barrel of tits and come out sucking their thumb
Don't be such a Drey 0r Don't go there it'll be full of Dreys (Also dreyish)
by Nick Smith January 31, 2004