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A hot, sexy guy! Everything about him is sexy; his hair, his body, his face, and his amazing husky voice. If I were you, I would marry that hot piece of meat in a heart beat. It's like a he's walking sex! Can I just say how amazing he plays Jason Dilaurentis on Pretty Little Liars! When it comes to Drew Van Acker, if you're straight guy, you would want to turn gay, if you're a lesbian, you would to turn back straight, and if you're a straight girl or bisexual, you're good..... you're really good! Drew Van Acker is a really sexy mother fucker. Period.
Ex 1:
"Hey do you know who Drew Van Acker is?"

"Yeah! My baby daddy"

Ex 2:
"Who the hell is Drew Van Acker?!"

"IDK, but he sure looks a lot like my next boy friend *wink* *wink* * nudge* * nudge"
by sanegirl September 24, 2011
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