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1. The act of befriending a lightweight/low toleranced alcohol drinker solely for humiliation purposes

2. A name given to an intoxicated person when befriended in such a way.

1. I pulled a Drew Rodgers on that skinny bitch when I showed up with a handle of rum.

2. When drinking with him, he thought he could hang with the big dogs, so I had to turn him into a Drew Rodgers.
by Daniel Jay Webster March 24, 2003
1. Someone who tries to take his friends' girlfriends, and when he fails, has no friends.

2. Someone who succeeds in taking his friends' girlfriends, but when they break up, he has no friends.
1. That kid tried to pull a Drew Rodgers, so I kicked his ass.

2. I got Drew Rodgersed by this dude, but it's cool, because now he's a loner.
by Guess October 10, 2003
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