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When funding is low, time is short, and usually during the daylight hours when car sex is not possible, you find a clothing retailer that has unisex dressing, fitting, or changing rooms, grab the maximum amount of articles permitted in the room on your way in, and then upon entering the room, hang those articles up on the hook, drop your pants and rail your girlfriend. Best done at a busy retailer so the grunts and moans are covered by background noise. At the end of the year, this practice can save you hundreds of dollars in motel expenses as a motel that is clean enough for most peoples standards will cost you half a Benjamin every time.
Ring-Ring: Yo Dude, can I come over and use your apartment for an hour or so? I have this hottie with me who needs some dick now! Person 2: Shit man, sorry, Mom's coming over. You better take her over to Old Navy and do a Dressing Room Dipper if she needs railed that bad!
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
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