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Often abbreviated DBS

This scale is used to easily express how many draught beers one would have to consume in order to have sex with some unlucky woman/man.

The scale ranges from 0 (doable anytime) to 10 (because after ten draught beers - let's face it none of us are able to perform). The number indicates the amount of 500 mL 4,6%alc. (example: Tuborg Classic) one would consume precoital.

Not to be confused with the kg-scale
Person 1: - "No way I will even consider that! She's like a 12 on the kg-scale a total bodybag"
Person 2: - "So if we go out tonight, where is she on the draught beer scale?"
Person 1: - "Neva... She might be around 7 on DBS"
Person 2: - "We should really revise our choice of words when talking about my sister"
by UT+Per7 August 14, 2014
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