The act of straightening your pubic hair in order to have it drape over your genitals.
Dude, my girlfriend walked in on my draping last night!
by Gabesauce March 16, 2011
Top Definition
The act of covering ones genitals with a sheet or towel when receiving a massage.
When you see "draping optional" you will probably get a full-release massage
by Craig's April 23, 2009
Sitting in a way reminiscent of Don Draper in the iconic Mad Men logo. Leaning back, arm outstretched along the back of a chair or couch, holding a cigarette.
Sir, your 10 o'clock's arrived and he's draping in the lobby.
by Awolagent July 01, 2012
The art of taking a lengthy sheet of toilet paper and draping it along the seam of restroom stall door so that no one can peek in at you.
Can you believe that Steve was draping the stall again while he was taking a dump?
by buttafingers July 13, 2010
The science and art of laying and dragging ones generous ballsack across any part of another person's body.
I gave her a full draping, and she will never forget it.
by c.e. monkey May 13, 2006
When one gangster covers half of their face with their long gangsterish hair.
Snoop Dawg says, "Wow, damn girl! you's draping!"
by NiggerWalrus August 03, 2009
A term used in competitive shooter games by female gamers that is synonymous to the term T-Bag. This term originates from the term used to describe a woman's vagina as a meat drape (from beef curtain).
1. Screw teabagging! I'm gonna drape this noob!
2. Get draped!
3. Draping a corpse after getting a head shot is extremely satisfying.
by ZombieZack November 02, 2012
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