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originated in melbourne australia..
Drape hole, Draper Mad Drape hole Lay the Drapes

has many meanings and can be used in many contexts...

A really sexy girl.
A really ugly girl.
A girl who won't shut up or is really annoying.
A slut or whore.
Someone who owes money.
Someone who betrays you.
A police informer etc.
A rapist or sex offender.
A scumbag.
A dog.
A thief.
Wow that girl is hot, she's a mad drape hole..

She was such a slut, what a fucking drape hole..

I went back to her place to lay the drapes what a mad drape hole...

I caught him stealing from my wallet, what a fucking drape hole..

I heard he was charged with rape, he's a mad draper..

She sleeps with so many people she's a mad draper

Fucking drape hole called the cops on me...

A surgical towel with a hole in it...
by bartical January 14, 2011
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