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A piece of heaven, twin-wrapped with cinnamon on top. Nominally just a prepackaged crumb coffee cake sold primarily in the Northeast in boxes of 10, but in reality, so much more.
"Shit, I was down at foodmaster and they had a 2-for-$2 deal on Drake's cakes! Needless to say, I purchased them all.
by ppowpow May 14, 2009
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When someone takes a massive shit and it resembles a box of something from the Drake's Cakes pastry line. ie Yodels, Devil Dogs, or Ring Dings.
Dude 1: Oh man I can feel my schvinkter pulsing like a heartbeat, I gonna have to drop a Drake's Cake when we get back to your house.

Dude 2: Why the hell didn't you go at Taco Bell.

Dude 1: Dude, this is in no way, shape, or form a duecington for the likes of a public restroom.

by JohnWerner32 July 12, 2006

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