a commercial rapper who joined young money only to make himself look more foolish. Drake is one of the main figures in fake hip hop music today that people recognize and adore, along with gucci mane, wocka flocka, and lil wayne. The bottom line is that Drake is a godawful artist who only makes money because of what the state of music is in today. Fans are stupid and clueless. Drake is a wannabe rapper, and tries to act southern when he spits. He also was on Degrassi which further ruins his reputation. Drake fuckin sucks big dick, because what he spits goes against what hip hop stands for. No, little kid, hip hop never changed. Hip hop is hip hop. The stuff you hear on the radio isn't hip hop, it's hip pop. Listen to Hieroglyphics and u'll see what I mean
fuck you drake
by meth0d man August 27, 2010
Top Definition
Drake refers to a type of dragon that flies around small towns and large cities eating everyones pudding and spitting in their garbage cans. He will turn your jello into fruit punch and your coffee into kittens. Beware, this type of dragon will rape you in the toes at any given chance.

P.S. they are extremely poisonous and are very sensitive about their sexuality and do not like to be touched at all.
Dude, I swear I saw a Drake fly by the window in my keyboarding class today! Watch out on your walk home!
by PeterM11 March 13, 2009
a gluttonous slothy bear.
it eats and sleeps more than the average bear.
I was in the woods and ran into a Drake. luckily it was too lazy to chase me.
by slyminx November 18, 2007
A lower class of Dragon or a higher class of serpent. Used by Summoners and other Taimers instead of Dragons because they are easier to summon, or control. They look like Dragons only they haven't earned their arms yet.
The Dark Drake attacked the white wizard
by Ultimate Dragon March 23, 2004
(Verb): drake, draked, draking
Pronouciation: drāk

1.The act of which a person cancels a scheduled event due to a falsely- diagnosed minor illness
2.purposely failing to appear after having been expected by others to show up.

3.Being a scram/stuntin ass nigga who fakes being sick
That nikkas not here? He really just Draked us.
Fuck that bitch she always drakin' niggas
by nelb April 29, 2010
Homo sexual duck. Likes it up the bottom hole!
Emma: Haha I went to the zoo and saw a homo sexual duck yesterday!
Jayne: Woah i own a drake!
Mahalia: Jayne smells like weed.
by breeziii October 14, 2007
canadian rapper who is a great example of how going mainstream can ruin a rapper. people who say he sucks havent listen to some of his music from before 09., im not saying im a hardcvore fan, but listen to so far gone
say whats real, closer to my dreamsn, fear, and for a more recent good song, despite beign a year old, 9am in dallas, are good examples of drakes skill
by z3r0s3volution April 19, 2011
Drake (noun): an interruption of a sporting or sexual act.
"Her folks came home and draked us"

Believed to have a connatation with
Sir Francis Drake, and the
purported legendary game of bowls he was playing, when the Spanish Armada was spotted off the coast of England in 1588.
by cheapleabargain March 10, 2009

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