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The act of kissing someone on the cheek with your puckered anus. The recipient of the Dragon Wink must be sitting at the time otherwise things could become difficult.

You remove your pants, spread your butt cheeks and move closer towards the person, close enough so that your anus is almost touching their cheekbone. Either side is fine. Then, provided you've shat recently, push out your anus a little so that it forms a pucker and the propelled anus bit touches the recipients cheek.

This is a Dragon Wink.
I gave Laura a Dragon Wink in the cafeteria.
by Doctor Spankzium April 17, 2006
The Dragon Wink
Where you drop your trousers part your butt cheeks and kiss somebody on the cheek with your puckered anus
Dave see's Laura and him being a saucy lad and rather infatuated with young laura he prefers to drop his trousers and dragon wink the love of his life on the lips.
by Nick Moss April 24, 2006
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