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The act of placing ones face in the cleft of the buttocks of another and motorboating the cheeks.
Suzie and I were fooling around and I flipped her over and straight took her to Dragon Boating town. She loved it.
by GentooThePenguin June 17, 2011
The act of "motorboating" a chick's ass. Purists will insist it should only be called dragonboating when performed on an Asian girl.

Related: vikingboating-when performed on Scandinavian chicks
Yo! check out that piece of fine ass on that Asian honey, I be dragonboating that tonight!
by Captain brrrr June 13, 2011
An act similar to motorboating, in which one uses one's penis instead of one's face. Similar to tit fuck, however the key difference being that the penis is wiggled in a side-to-side motion.
Bro, did you motorboat that Rachel chick yesterday?
Totally! But afterwards I was totally dragonboating her!
Seriously? Dude! High-five!
by DeKrullevaar October 03, 2012
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