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A non-existing anime believed to exist by many fans of Dragon Ball Z.

The rumor was believed to have started after Dragon Ball GT ended in Japan. A piece of fan art was shown on the internet bearing a logo "Dragon Ball AF" and a fan-made picture of Super Saiyan 5 Goku. The now-defunct fan-site supported the rumor with a lengthy article. But soon afterward, the webmaster recanted his claims, but by then the rumors had grown beyond his control, and the site ceased to be updated a short time later.

More rumors beagn at the end of 2000, but in 2004, the fansite DaizenshuuEX played an april fool`s prank and created anime stills using Adobe Photoshop and a TV commercial using existing artwork.

But the lack of official merchandise, advertising in japanese merchandise, official announcements by Dragon Ball`s creators, and series previews, all prove that Af is fake. And the show`s animators, Vizmedia, and Funimation, have both officialy denied the existence of AF.
After Dragon Ball GT, I heard Dragon Ball AF is next in the series.
by Drangon June 07, 2006
A false rumor of a sequel to Dragonball GT that has been speculating around the internet since 1998.
FUNimation wants fans to know that neither Dragonball AF or V exist. However, there might be a chance of a comic book.
by The Six-Oh-Four August 16, 2005
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