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A mixed drink consisting of Dr Pepper and vodka. Inspired by a Russian novel of the same name by Boris Pasternak.

Usually better with regular Dr Pepper, but acceptable in Diet Dr Pepper too.
"Why are you drinking a Dr Pepper?"
"It's really a Dr Zhivago. I didn't want to drink Jack and Coke like everybody else at this party."

"I brought a flask with me to the concert and changed my Dr Pepper into a Dr. Zhivago."
by HiddenPaw February 13, 2010
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An alcohalic drink made from mixing Dr. Pepper and Vodka.
"Hey man I'd like a Dr. Zhivago in the tundra"
"One Dr. Zhivago, extra ice"
by Vanguard of Tyr February 29, 2012

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