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a word used to describe someone who has irreplacable characteristsics, and is weird hero among friends. they can always bring in a laugh, go off the deep end, and/or do the most absurd thing imaginable. the "Dr." offsets that the person isn't actually a doctor, but should have a title nonetheless. "Ip-Nye Botie" (pronounced IP-NIGH-BOW-TIE or IP-NEE-BOW-TEE) is just a qualifying name for someone who is easily spotted as being different.
Frank: "We're heading to the movie around 8 o'clock."

Jed: "Okey dokey. I'm bringing a few friends. I told them I had a plans for a clothes-on orgy during the film."

Frank: "Thanks for the warning Dr. Ip-Nye Botie."
by SongWritingBum April 08, 2010
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