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Some dipshit that was in the 1980's cartoon "The Littles".

He wanted to prove that little people exsisted, so he spent his whole time trying to locate them.

He spent over a $1000 with machines in a van, traps, monitors, and a trained ferret to hunt them down. He had all this stuff set up in a van, where he would always be.

One time, he was able to get a sensor to track the location where Dinky (one of the littles) was. He floored it in his van to try to reach the location. He was actually yelling at a red light because it stopped him.

He always looked like an ass when he could not capture the littles. Cops and townspeople would watch him continously fail to capture the littles. He actually spent the time to make booby traps in the park to try to capture these little people, which he ended up opening an empty trap to the cop.
All he did in his life was trying to capture the littles, get a fucking hobby already
by lunar shadows October 22, 2004

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