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Dr. Doom Paul is a meme that was crated around 2009 after Texas congressman Ron Paul lost the republican nomination for the presidency in 2008. Many of his supporters believed "all was lost" and that "It's over" for the united states now that Ron had failed. Traces of the meme remained on the net but were largely forgotten, after 4chan's /new/ board was removed most of the pictures remained the mirror site on 4chon and 4chan's /int/ board. In 2011 Doom Paul resurfaced on 4chan's /pol/ board under the name Doom Paul. Many of his pessimistic supporters, Ron Paul haters and trolls made more of these pictures. Some of them featuring the congressmen photo shopped in doomsday wastelands sending the message that if Ron Paul fails to get the republican nomination for presidency in 2012 the end will surely come this time? Maybe? These pessimistic supporters believe "it's happening" and that these are the last days of the great USA. In a tight race for the 2012 republican ticket no one can be certain who will get the nomination but to the Doom Paul fanatics they have already made up their minds.
Ron Paul supporter #1:

Hey man! Ron Paul is running again! Isn't that great! We have another chance!

Pessimistic Ron Paul supporter:
I love Ron. I think it's great he's running but he won't win, all is lost. the USA will become a police state like the republicans want. The democrats will keep spending on welfare and we will get into more endless war, these are the last days. His message is full of doom.

Ron Paul supporter #1:

You act like he is the bringer of doom! He is not Dr. Doom paul he is Ron Paul bringer of truth and justice.

Pessimistic Ron Paul supporter:
It's over just accept your fate!

Ron Paul supporter #1:

There is still hope for America!
by Dr. Doom Paul January 23, 2012
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