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1: The anxiety felt when downloading something within a set time limit. Anxiety increases according to the formula


2: The fear of a download failing, especially for very large downloads. In this case, anxiety increases the closer a download is to completion.

Symptoms of download anxiety include: Uncontrollable monitoring of the download; Refraining from doing anything else on the computer for fear of interrupting the download; Inability to concentrate on anything not related to downloading; and other more general anxiety symptoms.
1: My class finished at 6:30, but I was trying to download Rocky Balboa. It was real download anxiety time.

2: Person 1) My movie was almost finished downloading, and I couldn't keep my eyes off the progress bar. My heart was racing at a mile a minute.
Person 2) Sounds like you had some serious download anxiety.
by Fred Invisible November 05, 2010