A Guy which produce's so Much cum it can fill the Earth 2x!!!
Wtf did you see that dougie???
by chornogubskifier February 14, 2009
an act of being fresh,or looking good
man check my dougie
dat nigga got dougie
by CaLi93 March 10, 2009
Rubbing your hands front to back over your head while hitting doggie style to imitate Dougie Fresh. Made famous by Camron in "Paid in Full"
I was smuttin this chick last night in front of my mirror hit the dougie on her and fell out laughing.
by The Mpire May 29, 2006
The Designs That Males Shave Into Their Heads.
My Dougie... She Said She Like My Dougie...
Soulja Boy- My Dougie
by Miz K July 11, 2008
another word for a 3 piece suit
I look fresh in my dougie.
by Don Son January 13, 2008
founders of Douglaston in new york city. the offical street hustlers...watever you need we got..ur always our custeez.we got bud..xtacy of all typez..coke...crack..heroine..acid...nd the list never ends....soowhoop to the blood gang...dougie DOc..dougie D... ND DOugie Junior....
The Dougies just passed byy and served everything we needed to gettt fukedd upp like never before.
by Dougie Doc May 04, 2008
a slang term for gettin the booty (ass, sexual intercourse), usually used in a bragging manner...must be followed by rubbing ur hands down the side of your waves.
"What you do last nite???" "you know me homie, i was gettin' that Dougie!"
by Louis A.K.A Big Lou April 21, 2008

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