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Noun - 1. A word used to describe a fairly attractive, yet somewhat gayish, young male, known for his infidelity.
2. A tool who is difficult to socialize with.
3. Someone who keeps the man code.
4. A male cheerleader.
That guy on Tool Academy is a total Douchenard.
by ewgross April 08, 2010
A terrific example of a human being that can be cool yet also a complete douche. Basically, a best friend type person that happens to make choices in his/her life that make you wish you could hit them with a frying pan. A tremendous combination of awesome factors and qualities of the douchiest. Most likely in his/her 30's or 40's, and having lived an eventful life. Also, most likely to be a manager of a Cracker Barrel or some other embarrassing position.
Look at that guy, he is so funny and awesome, but he makes horrible choices and blows off his best friend to go to bed at 8 at night.

Wow, you just described a Douche-Nard!!!
by Sparklz So Good February 21, 2013
Someone who acts like a complete pussy and is way too into themselves.
Ken: "im going to go wash my beautiful face, to make it more beautiful... if that is even possible."
Ashley: "your such a Douche Nard!"
by Alberto Ruldolf December 04, 2009
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