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An amazing person.
Joey's a douchecake.(;
by sadgsdgfndfgy June 27, 2010
0 1
A more intense form of douche bag; imagine someone filling a cake pan with douche and then baking it, truly disgusting.
Only a douche cake would cheat with the best friend!
by Rachel McPaisley August 25, 2008
2 3
A combination of a fruit cake and douche bag.
That guy wearing the lime green/pink stripped pants is a complete douche cake!

DUDE! Quit being such a douche cake, with douche flavored frosting, and your douche creme filling!
by Nick fucking Alan April 19, 2008
7 9
1. Another name for the "Dolce De Leche" caramel cheese cake from Burger King.

2. A derogatory term similar to douche bag. Although it can also be used in a more friendly way, as in when you are jokingly insulting your friends.
1. "I would like a whopper and a douche cake."

2. "You are such a douche cake."
by I am B July 01, 2007
1 4
Often a replacement for salt cake. Douche cake is created in the flats of Lexington, NC. Made and strip mined by a self righteous midget and his family.
Why don't you get your sorry ass in the fields and mine my douche cake midget.
by jdubya April 02, 2008
1 5
Eric Richard....a fag a d-bag...he is really gay and everyone hates him...
Me-Hey you know douche-cakes
Everyone-yea eric is gay
by M.C.Falagan May 04, 2005
9 17
Awesome word, Haitham makes it up during physics class. Just a beautiful insult.
This kid sitting next to me, Sean Miller, is such a doucecake
by haitham January 14, 2005
1 12