A more intense form of douche bag; imagine someone filling a cake pan with douche and then baking it, truly disgusting.
Only a douche cake would cheat with the best friend!
by Rachel McPaisley August 25, 2008
A combination of a fruit cake and douche bag.
That guy wearing the lime green/pink stripped pants is a complete douche cake!

DUDE! Quit being such a douche cake, with douche flavored frosting, and your douche creme filling!
by Nick fucking Alan April 19, 2008
1. Another name for the "Dolce De Leche" caramel cheese cake from Burger King.

2. A derogatory term similar to douche bag. Although it can also be used in a more friendly way, as in when you are jokingly insulting your friends.
1. "I would like a whopper and a douche cake."

2. "You are such a douche cake."
by I am B July 01, 2007
Often a replacement for salt cake. Douche cake is created in the flats of Lexington, NC. Made and strip mined by a self righteous midget and his family.
Why don't you get your sorry ass in the fields and mine my douche cake midget.
by jdubya April 02, 2008
Eric Richard....a fag a d-bag...he is really gay and everyone hates him...
Me-Hey you know douche-cakes
Everyone-yea eric is gay
by M.C.Falagan May 04, 2005
Awesome word, Haitham makes it up during physics class. Just a beautiful insult.
This kid sitting next to me, Sean Miller, is such a doucecake
by haitham January 14, 2005
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