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Something that is only cool because is it ridiculously overpriced. Also, anything that requires stating the price point of a good or service when referencing it. Also, using the term "price point." The haute couture of douchebagery.
While cavorting with my Douchebag Chic friends, I overheard one of them say, "After meeting with the hedge fund manager this morning, all of us in the young executive trainee program went out for $50/head lunches and $300 massages, happy endings were extra."
by Harry Seaward February 21, 2009
A look popularized by urban hipsters and characterized by the wearing of loud, overpriced clothing. It is commonly seen on tattooed gym junkies and pseudo-rocker chicks.
Sue: "Hey, look at Joe. He's wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt and a new pair of Affliction jeans."

Jan: "Yeah, he is really rocking the 'douche bag chic' look today."
by phoenixjpb February 11, 2009
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