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To do something to someone else that was uncalled for and stupid, thus making yourself look like a total douche

If douchebag is the noun, then this is the verb.
That guy just tripped that lady into a water puddle. That was such a douchebag move.
by Trisepticon 4 July 06, 2009
the act of talking someone out of taking the last of something; then proceeding to take that item for yourself
Blake: Dude, you can't take that Coke it's his last one!

Taylor: Ooh, yeah man your right that would be kinda fucked up, I'll put it back

Blake: (Grabs Coke that was just put back and starts chugging it)

Taylor: Woah dude, WHAT A DOUCHE BAG MOVE!!!!
by WestHillzH1 February 02, 2008
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