a piece of absorbent material upon which a guy ejaculates and keeps around to avoid using too many tissues.
you: "why is this shirt wet?"
me: "why are you wearing my douche rag?"
by pericles February 27, 2004
Top Definition
A female version of a “Douche Bag”
Douche Rag, one who, interacts with, congregates with, hangs with, keeps in company with, has sleazy intimate relations with, act like, dresses like, drink with, hair gels with, a Douche Bag.
A 'Douche Rag' likes to chew gum, smoke cigs and wear giant loopy earring’s all at the same time… Lots of perfume and lipstick with f#ck me pumps and a mini. My best friend slept with my X. She’s hanging around the guy who took his shirt off at the party. She’s upstairs doing coke. Blames the alcohol for lude behavior. Likes Asian letter tattoos on Douche bags left arm not right. Two drinks and your baby sitting a very likely back ally blowjob.
by WilliamFuentes December 16, 2008
when you take a used douche bag and wear it like a dew rag
yO bitch represent that douche rag.
by the nooge May 28, 2003
The white version of the do-rag
See that white cracka trying to pull of dat "Douche Rag"??
by THE BOMB DIG March 01, 2012
Female douchebag
Check out the doucherag in head to toe Ed Hardy.
by SummersEve February 01, 2010
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