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Noun: Doosh Nuck-le A person who attends a party and then steals beer from the host while leaving.
Tony: Hey man Tap is such a Douche Knuckle!
Adam: Why do you say that?
Tony: That Douche Knuckle stole a twelve pack of Yuengling from my porch at 3:00 AM on New Years Eve.
Adam: Wow... Really? Did he ask anyone first?
Tony: Nah... That is the fucked up thing, all that Douche Knuckle had to do was ask and I would have given him the damn beer.
Adam: Wow, he really is a Douche Knuckle.
by Dr. Kennith Ian Buss January 02, 2010
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An individual who consistantly acts like an asshole, always causing problems and on top of that, is an absolute knucklehead.
Wow that guy at the bar may be the biggest doucheknuckle ever.
by Tmizzie September 11, 2008
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A cross between a complete douche and somebody stupid, proven more effect at winning an argument than two camels in a tiny car.
by paigiesaurpandemic September 05, 2010
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douche-knuckle: origin - early 2000's fournese; definition - one who acts like a douche bag and a knuckle head simultaneously
mind-tingling, pasta-fucking, nipple-kicking douche-knuckles everywhere!!
by hightechdave April 14, 2010
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1. The point where the douche nozzle bends.
2. Another word for douche nozzle because it sounds better.
1. Wow, the douche knuckle is very similar to a bendy straw, must've been invented by the same guy.
2. I'm sick of that douche knuckle always talkin shit, i'm gonna kick his ass.
by R. Myers March 14, 2008
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Someone who intentionally tells someone else wrong information
Clifftopher: When is the English paper due
Danny: Wednesday
David: It's due Thursday
Danny: Oh yeah
Matthew: Way to go Douche Knuckle
by Davidisabab May 03, 2017
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