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Similar in appearance to the widely known and reviled "douche bag", the "douche chugger" excels in douche baggery of such an epic scale, that few believe they exist.
Most often white, suburban males who think they are black, urban males. Frequently seen in cars that are utter shit, that they have equipped with a 3ft tall spoiler; huge, chrome, spinner rims; incredibly fag-alicious neon; and windows tinted so dark you can't see out, let alone in; or windows with retarded sayings written in calligraphy. Actual sighting: Beeyotch Killah. My favorite.

There are exceptions to this rule.

Some well known douche chuggers: frat boys, guys who wear really tight shirts, any guy who spends more than 20 seconds on his hair, any guy with that queer jawline beard, and guys who peel out from every green light.

Some famous douche chuggers: Kevin Federline, Macaulay Culkin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Klein, The Gallaghers from Oasis, and P. Diddy.(or whatever the fuck his name is now)
by Wolvie May 04, 2006
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noun; one who chugs the fluid from inside a douche; doucheslosh eater; commonly used as an insult
Man, that kid is such a fucking douchechugger, that faggot ass bitch cunt shiteating cockblock.
by Pao Fucka December 21, 2005
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