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When douche bag doesn't quite illustrate the magnitude of someone’s douche baggery.
1: Did you see Brian wearing 5 popped collars at once.
2: Yeah, he's a douche bag.
1: No, douche bag ends at two popped collars. Five at a time makes you a douche tanker.
2: Fucking spot on!
by DakotaJay March 10, 2008
A "douche tanker" is a sea vessel roughly the size of an oil tanker, but primarily used in the transport of massive quantities of douche. This term is used to describe the absolute douchiest of douches.
I've seen some douche bags in my life, but George Bush is a douche tanker!
by melloki76 October 30, 2008
Worse then a Douche Canoe, and guys who wear Affliction shirts
That guy is worse then a Douche Canoe, he is a Douche tanker!!
by LeanSay August 08, 2009

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