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Someone who flies the average level of doucheness to a whole new level at a ground breaking speed.
James:Hey Alex, how have you been?

Alex:I beat my dog this morning, and then I pre-ordered the new season of Jersey Shore. So far it has been a pretty productive day!

James:You are such a douche pilot.
#douche #pilot #asshole #doosh #fucker #douche bag
by James Lavine is from Southwick September 21, 2010
1 Word related to Douche Pilot
A way to insult someone when they are being supid; also used during poker when someone folds when they could have checked.
Rat you could've checked!! friggin' douchepilot!! >_>
#douche pilot #douche #douchewagon #douchetard #stupid
by JJ Casty January 11, 2006
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