A species of overly-dramatic individuals who put average douches to shame. They travel in packs, because they can't be separated for long, or else their genitals will explode from pent-up urges that they let out upon one another. They only qualify as an "ensemble" since, despite copious amounts of backstabbing and selling their souls to the arts, they have no natural talent. They are very fortunate that their dedication got them into an ensemble (even if it was self-created) at all.

They choose new mates every other week, picking said mates by determining who is wearing the most cheap body spray, and who can kiss the most asses in a single day.
"Man, look at the douche ensemble... Are those two glued together at the dick?"
"Naw, they don't have enough there to put glue on."
by Smexy Strawberry July 28, 2014

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