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Slang term used to describe the hairstyle known as the fauxhawk.
When the hairstyle is worn by an individual who meets some or all of the following characteristics:

1. The individual is wearing at least two pieces of bling.

2. The individual has at least one bad tattoo on a part of his/her body that is easily visible.

3. The individual is wearing a TapOut t-shirt (NOTE: this characteristic singularly transforms the wearer's fauxhawk into a douche crest if it is known beyond a shadow of a doubt that the wearer is not even a fan of mixed martial arts).

4. The individual owns any vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine that comes from the factory with 150 horsepower or less, and is modified with a cannon exhaust muffler.

5. At least one of the individual's children has a fauxhawk too.

6. Any characteristic or action on the part of the fauxhawk wearer that the beholder concludes is douchey enough to deem the fauxhawk-wearer's hairstyle a douche crest.
by paleriderpa August 15, 2009

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