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A cat who is a complete douche. If you attempt to make nice with him he will scratch your balls off and run off into the wild, possibly to destroy nigger cats. The reason for his hatred probably stems from the sexual acts preformed on him by his owner.
Joe: Hello kitty! Mind if I pet you?
Douche Cat: Fuck you! *Then Douche Cat claws your balls off and runs away*
Joe: Douche Cat is a douche!
by Douchecatisadouche October 21, 2008
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A Blues or Jazz musician who is also a major douche
You see Jim up there on stage playing the cornet? He thinks he's the coolest cat in cat town, but he's a dick to everyone. He doesn't even tip the waiters. He is such a fucking douchecat
by AxeJazz March 23, 2009
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